Iran Future Association

Brief history and goals of the Iran Future Association:

Iran Future Association was founded in 2008. The goals of the society are:

- Advancing the scientific discussions of futurism

- Training of experts

- Helping the research and educational activities related to Future studies

According to the statute of the society, the culture of scientific futurism has been the focus of the new board of directors and several programs have been initiated.

The goals and duties of the society are as follows:

  1. Scientific and cultural studies at both National and International levels
  2. Collaborations with organizations and institutes in the fields of science, education and research
  3. Recognition of experts in the field of futurism
  4. Offering educational, scientific and Technical Advice
  5. Publications of books and scientific Journals

Iran Future Association seeks to collaborate with any organizations and institutes working in the fields of futurism and future studies and individuals including college students to long-term practitioners from around the world.

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